We are passionate about early stage investing and enjoy working with entrepreneurs to create something that didn’t exist before. We like to invest early and help founders make the right operating decisions to grow the company over the long run. We invest predominantly in Series A rounds, but ultimately are seeking the best teams to work with whether it’s earlier or later in a startup’s life.

What makes us different

Operators understand operators

We have all had operating jobs. We know what it’s like to manage a P&L and enjoy collaborating with founders as much or as little as needed. In addition, we leverage our personal networks to provide additional expertise and recruiting support across all operations from technology and architecture to sales and marketing.

Flexible fund structure

TDF Ventures differs from other funds in that we have a permanent base of capital. As such, we invest when we see opportunity, focus on supporting our portfolio companies, and can afford to be long-term partners.

What we look for

Early stage

Series A Startups
(but we sometimes get involved
earlier or later)

Focused sector

Infrastructure, Software, and Services
(IaaS, SaaS, XaaS)

Enterprise oriented

Startups that serve enterprise customers and carriers (though we occasionally invest in consumer oriented companies that leverage technologies from our core focus)

Flexible check size

Initial investments range from

Great Teams

It all starts with a
great culture