TDF Ventures is a venture capital firm that targets Series A stage start-ups. We focus on Infrastructure, Software and Services (IaaS, SaaS, XaaS) which includes the technology required to build networks to the services those networks deliver. Current areas of focus include security, the intersection of social media in the enterprise, distributed data centers, cloud services, software defined networks, the automation of business functions, small cell solutions, mobility, anything as a service. The companies in which we invest primarily target enterprise customers and carriers, though we occasionally invest in consumer oriented companies that leverage technologies from our core focus.

We are passionate about early stage investing and enjoy the process of creating something that didn’t exist before.  We believe in the concept of team and in linking arms with founders to realize a common vision.  We have had operating jobs so take an operational approach to our relationship with a company; we care about strategy, execution, bottlenecks, metrics for success.  We wake up every morning and think about what can we do today to add value through our professional experiences and our network of relationships.

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